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Cathedral Window Patchwork Background.


For anyone who is into patchwork, would have heard of Cathedral window patchwork.  I decided I wanted to mimic this fab technique in paper.  Here is my method:


Two types of paper - pattered and plain etc.  You want a good contrast between your papers   and I have found that a Plain  paper and a pattered paper used together, works the best.  For mine, I used green paper, which I stamp with Rubber stamp tapestry stamps.

Nestability Circle Die set.  For mine I used the 2nd to largest circle.

Plain card

Scoring tool

Bone folder


Contrasting thread


1: One circle creates a square, when finished.  So depending on how many squares you want in you finished design, cut that number of circles using the nestie.

2: Take one circle and fold in half (you may want to use a scoring tool before to get a crisper fold).  Use a bone folder to smooth fold.


3: Unfold the circle and fold in half the opposite side and repeat with the bone folder. 


4: Unfold the circle but this time you are going to fold the circle diagonally and repeat with the bone folder.

5: Repeat again.


6: You should have a circle with the following folds on it.


7: Using the fold lines as a guide, you need to score straight lines to create a square.


8: The fold the edges of the circle along the square score lines to create the out square.

9: From your 2nd type of paper, you need to cut a square that is large enough to fit into and under the flaps of your outer square.  For quickness, when I was making Patchwork tilda, I cut circles using the same size nestie and folded as above.  Then simply cut out the square formed in the centre.

10: Stick you square under the flaps of the outer circle and then stick the flaps down onto the square.  Your first square is finished.

11: Repeat this create as many squares as you wish. These are stuck on to card.   For mine, I created four, which when joined together creates the familiar pattern.


11: I added stitching to edge of flaps.


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