The Black Sheep Gang


William and Toria

 This week my world has been turned upside down. On Monday, my beloved horse, William was found dead in his field.  We are very shocked as he was fine on Sunday, being cheeky as he often was, when we went up to feed them. 

Our first Show
He was 27 years old and we had the privilege to own him for 14 years.  He was always the gentleman and gave so much to everyone he met.

Dad and William

Dressed for Christmas
He started off being sold by a dealer to the Civil Service Riding Club and was stabled at Buckingham Palace, he became allergic to the traffic fumes and was relocated to Surrey and eventually arrived in Devon on a farm on Dartmoor. Our local riding stables purchased him and I started riding him there until we bought him and took him to live at our home.

He used to take part in the Christmas Cracker ride on Exmoor and was always dressed for the part, with flashing fairy lights, top hat etc. He loved anything like that. When we moved to Wales he came with us and recently he moved to a beautiful place just below the Preselli Mountains where he was extremely happy. In November we got a companion for him, Dolly and they had really settled in so well together. Dolly is now missing him.


William in his Stable.  Show name Humble Bumble

William gave so much pleasure and love to all who have ridden him. The sound of dogs barking anywhere was so exciting to him, he just loved going out hunting when he was in Devon.

William Eggresford Show

RIP William

1984 - 2011

Thank you for coming into our lives and giving us so much pleasure.

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