Sunday, 10 October 2010


Hi Everyone

I must share with you some news about my westie, Rosie.  We have been going to dog training for just over 6 months now and as part of the training we work though certificates.  She has done so well and has gained her elementary certificate and yesterday, we finished off her last though bit on her Novice certificate.  I am so proud of what we have achieved together, especially with the westie defiant streak. 

Now we start on our novice certificate which is a lot more difficult!!!!  To top it off a couple of weeks ago we started Agility.  Which she loves a lot.

Rosie giving me her attention, during training
 Lv Toria

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  1. Toria, Rosie is gorgeous. Little dogs just really do climb right into your heart.


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Lv Toria

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