Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dog Training

PhotobucketI have just got back from my first session of the Dog Training course I am doing at Barnlake.  For this session we went along without our dogs.  It was great and I cannot wait to go next week. 

We have been asked to do some work in between with our dogs:

  • Wait
  • Sit on command
  • Look at you
I did some work with Rosie, my westie as soon as I got back.  She did really well.   Looking forward to all the fun.

Rosie will have quite a week coming to her as on Tuesday she is going for a hair cut and then on Wednesday, she is off to the vet's for her booster injection.


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  1. Ahh bless.they are a real part of the Miniture Jack Russel is golden, she follow's me everywhere, and even though I would in the past never dreamed of doing this...She sleep's with us...
    I even named my blog after her...hence Kip's cards...

    She is no trouble, as she's so tiny, she even goes through the cat flap to the garden....
    Hope you post some pic's of Rosies new makeover!!!


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